881. Reasons I’m Grateful to be Vegan -Discovering Neighborhoods and Hangouts

I know it’s not unique to vegans to explore a city, but it is for me!  In my “before” days I did not venture out to find good food. I travel a lot for business to new cities and would  just eat at the nearest chain, I never ventured far in a new city except to find a tourist attaction.

Since becoming vegan I search out vegan or vegetarian restaurants in every city I’m in.  This sometimes takes time  going from one side of the city to the other during rush hour, but I don’t care. And sometimes, as in south Chicago, I end up in some neighborhoods that are questionable for a single woman but I really enjoy the exposure to all of it!

I love the new neighborhoods I discover all in the name of a vegan dinner!  Last week I travelled to all ends of the Los Angeles area, finding cute little neighborhoods and of course great food.  In fact in Athens Greece I discovered a lot of the city I otherwise would have missed, and talked to people (tried to) to find my way back.

I’m truly glad to go out of my way to discover little gems of a city.

Michael and I at Voodoo donuts in Portland


Welcome! Find out how easy veg-ism is!!

Welcome!  Thanks for visiting the Seattle Veg Coach blog!  This site is the product of evolution from kindkaren.blogspot.com, and so is the business.  http://kindkaren.blogspot.com is the blog I originally started 1/1/2010

I will be coordinating this blog with my radio show where my goal is to make vag-ism easy for everyone, because it is!

I travel a lot for my ”day job” and meet many different people. While I don’t advertise that I’m vegan people often find out, and when they do I hear “how hard it must be”. It’s not!  I admit I don’t like to travel with a lot of omnivores and eat in their restaurants, but with a little self-education you can make smart choices even in those situations.

Once you learn the restaurant foods that are usually questionable in content it’s a little easier.  And when eating alone and you can choose the restaurant, very easy.

My radio show on KKNW will follow a weekly theme that I’ll also discuss here. I’ve decided to use the World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle as the basis of my themes because I believe he lays out very well the many reasons one might choose veganism.  I’ve taken classes on the book and think it’s a perfect way to rotate ideas around, and not just because I’m a certified WPD facilitator!

So please check back often, as this won’t be exclusive to show content. Between this and http://www.seattlevegcoach.com website I think you’ll find many ideas to help with veg-ism!