Is being Vegan expensive? Use coupons!

I was raised on coupons. If there was an exceptionally good coupon we would make multiple trips through the checkout line if necessary to fully use every “one coupon per customer” discount we found.

This has carried through to my adult life, I won’t get into the extremes some members of my family and I go through to save a buck or two or ten.

However when I started eating a vegan diet I sort of assumed my coupon days were dead.  Even at Whole Foods, having their big BBQ event with all meat and seafood discounted, “Is there a vegetarian option?” I asked the cashier.  Nope, dead animals only.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled onto this particular edition of extreme couponing!   A vegan extreme couponer, yes!

The ad states:

“Meet Perry, a Virginia wife and mother who is raising her family on a vegan diet. Couponing to buy Vegan food?   It is possible. Follow Perry as she defies the latest couponing stereotypes by clipping and snipping her way towards a new tattoo.”

Go Perry!

See the preview here: