Grateful for the Thoughts of a Chicken

Surrounded by animal lovers in an animal communication workshop (aka – pet psychic), I thought the students would know all animals share thoughts and feelings like their beloved horses and dogs.  After a cow being referred to as a ‘big mound of flesh” I discovered ..more..


The Man

I had a little personal revelation the other day about myself. Some might say it’s a stretch to associate it like I did, but I don’t think so. I think I learned something from it, and hopefully can affect a change about it. But I’ll get that soon, a little related background first.

Our country sucks at education. Our government does not truly want it’s people educated, it simply wants them trained to do jobs to make money for the bank lords and maintain power for those on top. Our education system as a whole is designed to keep us dumb. They don’t want us to think, for if we think we might not like what they do and if we don’t like what they do, god forbid there might be a revolution on our hands. I’m sure if you read anything at all you’ve heard about the inexcusable use (abuse) of the terrorist laws that put honest, hard working people in jail for no good reason. I’m not going to get into all the atrocities our government creates, supports or implements in trying to keep people from thinking and expressing their opinions, if you need to you can easily find those online.

The media does the same thing. They put us into reality show trances so we will ignore the larger issues at hand. If the news can have us focus on creating anger or fear over one or two select murders or child disappearances, something we can do nothing about, then they know we won’t focus our anger on issues that we can do something about.

The almighty powerhouse religions do it, telling us we can’t get to God except through their means. They preach the evils of sin and how bad we are so we can turn to them to be good again, and go to heaven! Hallelujah. The egos of these preachers needs to keep us fixed on them, their power and cash needs, and not finding our own direct path to God.

It’s about keeping us dumb and passive. The Man keeping us down. I always encourage people to think for themselves. I admit I didn’t think for a long time, I believed the Man. I WAS a republican (ouch-feels good to let that go).

I’m so glad something in me shook loose and I started thinking again. At this writing I’m not sure what the turning point was, but so glad it happened, otherwise where would I be today? Shutter to think…

While organizing the LIVE-Stock event, in order to meet the “requests” of one of the speakers, whom I greatly admire, we agreed there would not be any animals on display or for adoption at the event. Their concern was out of respect for that animal as an individual, that the transport process and exhibition stresses go against recognizing the individuality of each animal. My theme for the event was that every animal has the right to live free from fear at human hands, and being unnaturally displayed and transported really does go against this. The original intent of a petting farm and acquainting people with these animals was of the best intention, but in the end it did make sense to me that we let the animal live their lives for themselves.

Back to my revelation. Our chicken has discovered she can hop the backyard fence to join us on our deck and front yard. This is something we’ve wanted to avoid because a) we like to have our doors open in the summer and chickens don’t keep a clean house, and b) we wanted to keep our deck clean enough to walk on. Side note, if you’ve never spent much time with free roaming chickens in the human habitat, you might not know they make a mess! Even just one chicken makes a big enough mess that needs to be cleaned at once daily to keep our shoes clean.

When these gates and fences went up, first for the dog then reinforced for the chickens, we knew that they really weren’t high enough to keep a creature with wings in. And in fact, this fence wouldn’t keep most dogs in either, except the very small ones. But we counted on the fact that they wouldn’t know they could get out. Or maybe I thought the back yard would provide enough food and activity that they’d never want to get out. Not so, since Cookie is now the lone chicken she seeks company, human, dog or cat it doesn’t matter. If she hears something stirring in the front yard, she wants to be there.

So as we watched her hop onto the gate and into the front over and over, I said “We can’t keep her down anymore”. And it struck me. I was keeping her down. Trying anyway. And more so, I’m keeping my dog down. I know he can jump the fence if he tried, he’s a big dog and it’s a small fence, I’ve just invested my time against letting him know he’s capable of it.

So now I’m in a bit of a quandary. He can’t roam the neighborhood, yet he should be able to live to his full capabilities. So how to do that? Or do I just continue to dumb him down for our sake? Doesn’t seem right and against my evolving beliefs. Pets are kind of that way though, just as all animals, the animals that are here deserve our respect and fair treatment.
Now I must figure out management of the animals I’m providing for while respecting their individuality. I think its an issue for pets everywhere. But pets is a whole topic in itself, reserved for another time.