870. Grateful for the Most Awesome People on the Planet!

A quick stop to Vegan Haven or one of Seattle’s vegan restaurants is always an extra touch of joy.  I love that it’s just that easy to find like-minded people in such a large city.  Granted, being the introvert, I don’t introduce myself or butt in to other’s conversations, but just being in the energy of compassion with these people is inspiring.

And I know a lot of loving people in all of my outside roles, but there is something about adding the “no-animal products” piece that makes me feel a little comradery with the other vegan shoppers and diners.

I remember my first time finding a vegan restaurant – imagine, ordering ANYTHING off the menu!  I smile when I hear that same joy echoed by other new comers. And to me, the simple appreciation of these compassionate people, makes them super awesome!


Grateful for Vegan Kids

I just can’t let these inspirational darlings pass by. I’m not only grateful for them, but especially grateful for supportive family members accepting and encouraging them.

 Peta has announced the winners.. (more)..

873. Grateful I Live Congruently

Sometimes it happens, someone I know pretty well, or even not very well, has somehow never been enlightened to the fact I’m a vegan. The response is a bit satisfying though – no, not the protein response, something else.

 The conversation might sound like this:   more…

Coming soon in Seattle – Vegan Make & Takes!

Gather with six to ten other food-conscious people preparing delicious vegan meals to take home and freeze, or eat immediately!  Good conversation, good food, and good Fun!   Stay tuned for more details.

Grateful for Vegan Food Swaps

Yes, so grateful to be part of a vegan food swap! A what?  Cat from http://www.theverdantlife.com/ has organized any willing vegan blogger to swap a package of food with other vegan bloggers.  It’s a great idea, and of course the food is even better.

So when my packaged arrived it felt a bit like my birthday! In fact, more…

Remaking a rice favorite – in a simple way!

Before my veg days one of my favorite dishes to make was Rice-a-Roni (chicken) with frozen green peas and often mixed with ground beef.  I don’t use too many packaged foods anymore and have never tried to recreate this before, I usually make risotto when havng a creamy rice craving but today I was short on time.

Don’t get me wrong, this is really nothing like Rice-a-Roni – it’s much better! Better tasting, better for you, better for the animals!

Here is my new rice dish, it’s very easy and few ingredients:


1 3/4 c white rice

1/3 c tvp

4 cups vegetarian “chicken” stock (or just vegetable)

1 c diced carrots (or less)

1 c frozen green peas

Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage

Heat veg stock to boiling, add rice, tvp and carrots. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. During the last 3 minutes add green peas.

While rice is cooking, saute Field Roast in lighlty oiled pan over medium-low heat until lightly browned.

Serve sausage whole with rice or cut an mix in the rice casserole style.  I like tthis as the apple sage adds an extra tang to the rice!

Rice with Field Roas and broccoli

Grateful to be Vegan #878. Minimizing My Water Impact on the World

On a rainy day in Seattle it’s hard to imagine there is any kind of water crisis anywhere. Not so far away in California or Nevada the residents might have a small feel of it.  But it gets much worse than that.

While over 70% of the earth is water, only 1% of it might be fit for human consumption.  Sure, there are treatments for some of this water  but they aren’t cheap or readily available to those most affected by the water crisis.  Bad water kills more than 3.5 million people annually – that’s roughly the population of the USA !  Imagine the entire US population being wiped out every year.


Linguine with Roasted Vegetables

Recipe from the Radio Show Oct 1 with Guest interview Kristin Lejeunesse http://wtfveganfood.com/

Recipe courtesy Pillsbury cookbook – my daughter discovered it in the vegetarian section and we love it!

6 oz cooked linguine

4 tomatoes, coarsely chopped

1 eggplant, unpeeled, cubed

1 red bell pepper cut into 1 inch pieces

1 zucchini sliced

4 minced garlic cloves

3 tablespoons olive or vege oil

1 teaspoon dried basid leaves

1/2 tespoon salt

1/8 teasppoon pepper

2 Oz nutritional yeast (or Parma)

Continued VegCoachShow Recipes

Change of Season – Change of Blog !

Change is a’brewin! And yes, change is good : )

When I moved my blog from one host to another it was because of the flexibility available to me, so now I will put it to the full test!

I will be dividing my blog into pages. Why?  Because I write on different topics and throw them all together tossed salad method, and I’ve come to realize that readers are typically interested in the one topic that brought them in, not necessarily everything else  I write about.  The option will be available to read everything I write, or to have rss feeds for just the one page.  That’s the plan anyway, and I’ve been playing on test blogs testing it, so I hope it works.

I’m also ramping up for Vegan MoFo.  Vegan what?  31 days of non-stop blogging on vegan goodness – more info here http://www.veganmofo.com/

So what does this mean to you?

If you want to follow everything I write – subscribe to this homepage rss feed.  However if you’re only interested in one of my pages – 888 Reasons, The Vegan Camper, Super Easy Vegan, The Veg Coach Show recipes, or Spiritual Vegan, you can go to that page and subscribe just to that!  Easy schmeasy – I hope.

Would love to hear comments on your thoughts of the new layout.

880 of 888 Reasons I’m Grateful to be Vegan – Learning to Appreciate Dark Chocolate S’mores


Some of these posts might give the impression that I didn’t explore or try much before going vegan, which really isn’t true.  But in some parts of my life  there just wasn’t the inspiration to do anything different.

S’mores was one those “no need to change” areas for me.  I wasn’t a big fan of dark chocolate before, so why change?

Now, however, going camping with my Dandies, non-honey graham crackers and dark chocolate bars yields a mouthwatering treat every night.  The Dandies marshmallow melts  just enough to inject a burst of sweet lovely gooeyness right into the bittersweet chocolate. 

It really is quite good!  And now I know, dark chocolate is good too 🙂

Dark Chocolate S'mores

Dark Chocolate S'mores