888 Reasons I’m Grateful to be Vegan

What is this 888 reasons?

First, I chose the number 888 because of the infinite nature of the number – 8 being the symbol of infinity.  Sometimes people don’t thnk it’s easy to be vegan, I do, but I wanted to be able to articulate and reinforce the many, many reasons it’s good to be vegan.  I knew 8 reasons was too few, even 88 too few, for it’s beneficial in all areas of our lives if we “count our blessings”, so I decided on 888    I read about a guy doing 1000 awesome things blog – which is really cool, I just wanted to focus mine on veganism.

Hopefully every day I will post a new reason I’m so grateful, starting at 888 and counting down to number 1.  Tha’t should take about 2 1/2 years!  When I get to number 1 – I don’t know!

887. Eating Miang Kum at Thai Pen in Bothell.

888.  I can sleep at night knowing no animals were harmed in the making of me.


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