870. Grateful for the Most Awesome People on the Planet!

A quick stop to Vegan Haven or one of Seattle’s vegan restaurants is always an extra touch of joy.  I love that it’s just that easy to find like-minded people in such a large city.  Granted, being the introvert, I don’t introduce myself or butt in to other’s conversations, but just being in the energy of compassion with these people is inspiring.

And I know a lot of loving people in all of my outside roles, but there is something about adding the “no-animal products” piece that makes me feel a little comradery with the other vegan shoppers and diners.

I remember my first time finding a vegan restaurant – imagine, ordering ANYTHING off the menu!  I smile when I hear that same joy echoed by other new comers. And to me, the simple appreciation of these compassionate people, makes them super awesome!