“Food Matters” Because YOU Matter!

Time for another food movie review!  I love this review because if you, dear reader, are reading this before October 9th 2011 you can screen this movie for free! Watch it here.

“You are what you eat” and “Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food”  are the primary messages of this movie. Reminds me of the sign in my chiropractors office  “That which has made the body can heal the body”.

 Producer-Directors James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch take us through interviews around the world with leading nutrition experts.  What started as a mission for James to save his father from chronic pharmaceutical overuse and the associated helplessness and depression ends up being a valuable benefit for the entire world to those simply willing to watch and be educated. “We’re not suggesting that pharmaceutical drugs don’t have their place, we’re suggesting that our overburdened healthcare practitioners perhaps do not have the time to educate people about nutrition and healthy living,” James points out. “Food Matters was created to help fill that void”.

 One point made in the movie is that not one cell in our body is made out of a drug – so why do we take drugs to try and heal the body?  The functions of the body are dependent on about  2 dozen nutrients, so just one nutrient, Vitamin C for example, can help to heal a lot of “malfunctions” of the body. That makes sense!

 The film really spells out good health in very simple terms. It does not get boring or long, in fact its only 78 minutes long.  Cutting between several experts kept my interest as well as the fascinating facts and stories.

 For anyone that wants to reverse heart disease or diabetes among other illnesses, or just wants to maintain a healthy body this is a must see.  As they point out “You are everything you have ever done to yourself.”  Makes me think I  want to do good to myself right away and I’d love for everyone to do the same.

Watch it now 🙂

Trailer –

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