Change of Season – Change of Blog !

Change is a’brewin! And yes, change is good : )

When I moved my blog from one host to another it was because of the flexibility available to me, so now I will put it to the full test!

I will be dividing my blog into pages. Why?  Because I write on different topics and throw them all together tossed salad method, and I’ve come to realize that readers are typically interested in the one topic that brought them in, not necessarily everything else  I write about.  The option will be available to read everything I write, or to have rss feeds for just the one page.  That’s the plan anyway, and I’ve been playing on test blogs testing it, so I hope it works.

I’m also ramping up for Vegan MoFo.  Vegan what?  31 days of non-stop blogging on vegan goodness – more info here

So what does this mean to you?

If you want to follow everything I write – subscribe to this homepage rss feed.  However if you’re only interested in one of my pages – 888 Reasons, The Vegan Camper, Super Easy Vegan, The Veg Coach Show recipes, or Spiritual Vegan, you can go to that page and subscribe just to that!  Easy schmeasy – I hope.

Would love to hear comments on your thoughts of the new layout.


880 of 888 Reasons I’m Grateful to be Vegan – Learning to Appreciate Dark Chocolate S’mores


Some of these posts might give the impression that I didn’t explore or try much before going vegan, which really isn’t true.  But in some parts of my life  there just wasn’t the inspiration to do anything different.

S’mores was one those “no need to change” areas for me.  I wasn’t a big fan of dark chocolate before, so why change?

Now, however, going camping with my Dandies, non-honey graham crackers and dark chocolate bars yields a mouthwatering treat every night.  The Dandies marshmallow melts  just enough to inject a burst of sweet lovely gooeyness right into the bittersweet chocolate. 

It really is quite good!  And now I know, dark chocolate is good too 🙂

Dark Chocolate S'mores

Dark Chocolate S'mores

881. Reasons I’m Grateful to be Vegan -Discovering Neighborhoods and Hangouts

I know it’s not unique to vegans to explore a city, but it is for me!  In my “before” days I did not venture out to find good food. I travel a lot for business to new cities and would  just eat at the nearest chain, I never ventured far in a new city except to find a tourist attaction.

Since becoming vegan I search out vegan or vegetarian restaurants in every city I’m in.  This sometimes takes time  going from one side of the city to the other during rush hour, but I don’t care. And sometimes, as in south Chicago, I end up in some neighborhoods that are questionable for a single woman but I really enjoy the exposure to all of it!

I love the new neighborhoods I discover all in the name of a vegan dinner!  Last week I travelled to all ends of the Los Angeles area, finding cute little neighborhoods and of course great food.  In fact in Athens Greece I discovered a lot of the city I otherwise would have missed, and talked to people (tried to) to find my way back.

I’m truly glad to go out of my way to discover little gems of a city.

Michael and I at Voodoo donuts in Portland