887. Eating Miang Kum at Thai Pen

What a treat!  A food I had never tried before this week.

Open spinach leaves served to fill as I desired.  Ingredient options included toasted coconut, red onion, ginger, lime, peanut, chili, something that tasted like lemon grass but wasn’t,  and a house sauce of some kind.  Put a little on the spinach leaf, wrap and eaat – a true flavor explosion just as they promised!

It’s so great to look for the new and healthy options at restaurants when I go out.  I try not to get stuck on the same item over and over because really, almost no vegan food is bad!  I’ll be back for these as well as creating a home recipe for them!


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  1. Marianne

     /  August 28, 2011

    Do you think it is okay to eat a vegan dish in a restaurant that also serves animal flesh?

    • Good question, a small dilemma about this issue.
      Most of me wants to support vegan-only restaurants, however there is a significant part of me that also wants to support the veg dishes in a conventional restaurant. The reason is selfish in thinking of the vegan community, but I want all restaurant owners to know that there are people looking for good food to eat that doesn’t contain animal products, and if they will serve them and be truthful about the ingredients and preparation of them, then there are people to order them.
      Often we (vegans) do eat out with non-vegans and so it’s good to know there is decent food on the menu besides a dry salad and drier veg burger. I think the bottom line is this is the only reason to support a conventional restaurant – so they continue to offer good vegan options because we just can’t get around eating at their establishments occasionally, unless we become hermits.
      I really don’t want to support Burger King, but when its the only restaurant in the airport I’d be happy if they had a vegan burger.


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