886. Turning globs of brown goo into yummy “Chinese BBQ Pork”!

There are a few foods I’ve been looking for since my decision to leave animals out of my diet, and chinese bbq pork is one.  I”m sure it’s out there somewhere but I haven’t found it yet.

But that’s okay, because I really love to experiment in the kitchen now! I’ve never cooked so much and loved it. It’s very gratifiying to make delicious meals out of foods I would never have tried on my old “diet”, and I think that’s a shame because I know many people get stuck in their diets just like I did.

While I have a ways to go, I shop much more comfortably and easily in the asian stores now, in the natural foods departments, and even in produce it’s not just lettuce and bananas.

And when I can make my craving – all is right with the world 🙂

BBQ Prk and Hot Mustard!
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  1. Marianne

     /  August 28, 2011

    Do you research the brands of ketchup and mustard you use? I know the most popular brand in the US, Heinz, sells Tuna and Salmon in Asia and I’m aware that Tuna fishing often kills Dolphins (in addition to the Tuna!). My other question is do you buy ketchup and mustard in plastic bottles?

    • That brings up a good point that people don’t often know the background of the food, or the company. I have to point out that many vegan products are backed by huge corporations that are obvioulsy not vegan. For example Morningside is owned by Kelloggs. Toms of Maine by Colgate-Palmolive etc.
      So sticking closest to the earth the best ie eating whole grains and produce from local farms and not processed items.
      That being said – something is better than nothing. Better for someone to not eat meat once a week than always eat it. Just that one meal makes a significant contribution to an animals life.
      In reality there are animal products hidden just about everywhere and we can’t truly avoid them – yet. Car tires, film, industrial glues etc – and so until we advocate hard enough and find solutions for all these, the best we can do is really the best we can do!
      My organic mustard comes in a jar, my organic ketchup comes in plastic.


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